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We went to Oregon! While we were in Seattle we took a day trip to Oregon and visited Multnomah Falls and Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is the home of Haystack Rock, a place I have always wanted to visit. 

 Haystack Rock was on my photography bucket list.

Haystack Rock with Needles - one of my all time favorite photos.

Seattle trip

For Thanksgiving Sarah and I traveled to the great North West to visit with my mom and stepdad in Seattle. My stepdad is stationed in Seattle for a while with his job and wasn't able to come home for Thanksgiving.

Probably the coolest thing about Seattle was the Public Market. It was AMAZING! I would love to be able to move this market back to Atlanta

Lots and lots of fresh veggies and meats where available.

The very first Starbucks is at the Public Market. I wanted to get some coffee but it was raining and the line to get in was still around the block.

Seattle's skyline from on top of the Space Needle.

Just a short drive from Seattle is Tacoma. We were driving around and found the little park, Chinese Reconciliation Park. Of corse it was pouring rain, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the beautiful view of Puget Sound. We could even see a couple of seals playing in the water.

Sarah and I tried to go to Mt. Rainer but the roads were closed due to heavy ice. All we really were able to see and enjoy was this beautiful waterfall just after we entered the park.

Gurley Family Portraits

I had the great pleasure of shooting my friend Todd Gurley (not that one, this Todd is a Georgia Tech fan) and his family again. We shot at a park near his parents house in Atlanta. After a few shots at the park we headed back to his parents house and shot a few shots in their backyard. A special thanks to Gareth for being my assistant on this shoot.

A New View

The King and Queen

The King and Queen

I started my new job about a month ago. I now work for Pandera Systems as a UI/UX designer. The office is right across the street from the King and Queen buildings. This photo is actually taken looking out my office window!

A New Car

So I got a new car! I did lots and lots of research to find just the right car for me and I settled on the Scion Front engine Rear wheel - Sports car or the FR-S.

The FR-S is a twin car to the Subaru BRZ. They are the exact same car except for a couple of cosmetic changes. The car was designed by Toyota and engineered by Subaru, so we get the twins (FR-S/BRZ). The FR-S is actually sold as the Toyota 86 everywhere except for he US. I'm kinda bummed out about that. I really don't like the Scion branding. Not really sure why but it just seems like a cast off of Toyota. I had originally wanted to get the BRZ but when Sarah and I went to the Subaru dealership we couldn't get a salesman to come and help us. A couple of days later I stopped by the Toyota dealership to look at the FR-S and I was sold. Since the car is the Toyota 86 everywhere, mine will soon be rebranded as the 86 and I will get rid of all traces of the Scion name.

I think her name will be Shakira. Because, according to one of my coworkers,  "Shakira has great curves and the FR-S handles great in the curves."

I am really looking forward to getting back in to the car scene. I had such a great time with my VW. I was really hoping that I could get into with my Matrix but it just never really took off the way I had hoped.

The old 9T9 BUG oh how I do miss her.

The old 9T9 BUG oh how I do miss her.

Chief Noc-A-Homa

He was so confused by the lights.

He was so confused by the lights.

Sarah talked me into letting this guy become the newest member of the family. Sarah's sister Maryl actually found him. He just showed up at her front door. Chief didn't have a tag or a chip and no one posted signs that they were looking for him so we brought him home with us. After a trip to the vet we found out he had fleas, two types of worms and hadn't been neutered. So we had to remedy those issues. 

iPhone pic of Sarah and Chief when we first met him.

iPhone pic of Sarah and Chief when we first met him.

Enter Sandman

Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman

One of mine and my wife's friends recently adopted Mr. Sandman from a local pet store at an adoption drive. We are pet sitting this weekend, so I thought I would take the opportunity to see how he liked being in front of the camera. Mr. Sandman is a Pekingese mix, and is so laid back, I don't even think he noticed that he was having his photo taken.

The photos were lit with a single 580exii set at 1/8 in a beauty dish. I shot with my 7D and 70-200 racked to 185 at 1/125 f5.6.

Sapelo Island #TBT

I don't remember who gave me my first camera, but I think I was about 9 years old when I got the Kodak Mickey-Matic camera with flash. Well not really with flash, it had a slot where I could attach flash bulbs. I thought I was tuff stuff with camera. I remember taking it to Braves games and on vacations with my mom. She would always take me to the Wolf/Ritz camera near our house in Marietta to get my film developed and then  

image from

image from

One of the great adventures that I had with this camera was going to Sapelo Island with my Grandmother. We went with one of my Grandmother's friends, who had a son and grandson living on the island. I took tons of photos and even made a photo album, but over the years only one photo survives. The photo is of the Sapelo Island Lighthouse. Taken around 1990, the photo shows the lighthouse is disrepair. It has now be rebuilt and restored and I look forward to the day that I can return to Sapelo and take a restoration photos of the lighthouse. You can read some more about the lighthouse at

As far as I know this is the oldest photograph that I took, and still have in my possession.

- Matt


I am finally going to start blogging and posting things. 2014 is the year of photography!

For my first post I want to share a couple of my favorite photos of the mountains that I took in 2013.

The image above is shows the fog lifting at sunrise. The city of Franklin, NC is actually still completely covered by the fog. It can be seen in the valley between the two mountain ranges on the left side of the photo. If you look closely you can also see a hint of a rainbow on the right side of the photo.

This image was captured at sunset atop Black Rock Mountain in north Georgia. Black Rock Mountain State Park is the highest state park in the state of Georgia. The view of the Blue Ridge Mountains was breathtaking.

Thanks for taking the time to to look at these photos, I will post some more of my favorite photos when I get some time.

- Matt