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Sapelo Island #TBT

I don't remember who gave me my first camera, but I think I was about 9 years old when I got the Kodak Mickey-Matic camera with flash. Well not really with flash, it had a slot where I could attach flash bulbs. I thought I was tuff stuff with camera. I remember taking it to Braves games and on vacations with my mom. She would always take me to the Wolf/Ritz camera near our house in Marietta to get my film developed and then  

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image from

One of the great adventures that I had with this camera was going to Sapelo Island with my Grandmother. We went with one of my Grandmother's friends, who had a son and grandson living on the island. I took tons of photos and even made a photo album, but over the years only one photo survives. The photo is of the Sapelo Island Lighthouse. Taken around 1990, the photo shows the lighthouse is disrepair. It has now be rebuilt and restored and I look forward to the day that I can return to Sapelo and take a restoration photos of the lighthouse. You can read some more about the lighthouse at

As far as I know this is the oldest photograph that I took, and still have in my possession.

- Matt