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A New Car

So I got a new car! I did lots and lots of research to find just the right car for me and I settled on the Scion Front engine Rear wheel - Sports car or the FR-S.

The FR-S is a twin car to the Subaru BRZ. They are the exact same car except for a couple of cosmetic changes. The car was designed by Toyota and engineered by Subaru, so we get the twins (FR-S/BRZ). The FR-S is actually sold as the Toyota 86 everywhere except for he US. I'm kinda bummed out about that. I really don't like the Scion branding. Not really sure why but it just seems like a cast off of Toyota. I had originally wanted to get the BRZ but when Sarah and I went to the Subaru dealership we couldn't get a salesman to come and help us. A couple of days later I stopped by the Toyota dealership to look at the FR-S and I was sold. Since the car is the Toyota 86 everywhere, mine will soon be rebranded as the 86 and I will get rid of all traces of the Scion name.

I think her name will be Shakira. Because, according to one of my coworkers,  "Shakira has great curves and the FR-S handles great in the curves."

I am really looking forward to getting back in to the car scene. I had such a great time with my VW. I was really hoping that I could get into with my Matrix but it just never really took off the way I had hoped.

The old 9T9 BUG oh how I do miss her.

The old 9T9 BUG oh how I do miss her.